August 27, 2018

Why I Decided To Become A Photographer

As a wedding photographer, I find it very important for my bride and groom to get to know me. One way I can do this is by blogging about why I became a photographer. I did not grow up artsy by any means… the closest thing to art I could do was draw the human body cell structure. There was a part of me in high school that thought taking pictures would be cool & fun. Long story short, my amazing grandma and grandpa George got me my first camera! Initially, I thought taking pictures would be as easy as a click of a button but boy was I wrong! I retired my camera (or so I thought). Around 6 months later I decided to pick my camera back up and truly learn it. Youtube video after Youtube video, I slowly started to learn more and more. I took my sisters senior pictures and my cousins, pretty soon after, I was getting wedding inquires & more high-end sessions inquires. I almost couldn’t believe that photography was working for me. I took a jump and decided to get a professional camera. My business has thrived ever since. I couldn’t imagine I’d be where I am today 2 years ago. This truly is my perfect job!

In Loving Memory of Grandpa George- Thank you for believing in me.


📷- Casie Marie Photography

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  1. Gma Stucker-Bates says:

    Kenz Grandpa George would be grinning from ear ear and be so very proud you. Thank you for this Tribute to Grandpa in connection with your life long crearier of being the best weddings and family photo picture photographer from here to Florida . I’m sure he is sending you a hug and kiss now.

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